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HBZ believes in having a symbiotic relationship with its clients. As our clients grow, their financing needs increase and our customers face new challenges. HBZ recognises these challenges and offers streamlined banking processes in an effort to help simplify your banking needs. HBZ is focused on highly personalised service and access to decision makers, thereby providing rapid decision making and flexibility to assist with your needs.

We provide a wide variety of Accounts, Financing, Trade Finance, Payment and Collections solutions, designed to deliver working capital efficiency through effective receivables management or payables process engineering. Owner-Operated Businesses and SME banking are our particular forte. HBZ has the right solutions tailored for you.


We offer various types of accounts that are suitable for all businesses from start-ups, SMEs to large corporates. In addition to local currency accounts, the following accounts can also be opened in all major currencies such as CHF, USD, EURO, GBP, CAD and JPY.

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Time Deposit Account
  • Call Deposit Account

Perhaps you want to make a short-term deposit to ensure security of cash with interest for a period ranging from one to seven days, one month or one year. In this case our Savings, Time Deposit and Call deposit accounts are just what your business needs.

Get the convenience of instant withdrawals through our Call Deposit Account and make short notice withdrawals from your Time Deposits. Whatever you choose, we offer attractive interest rates with a high degree of security.

The Fixed Term Deposit Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.

Perhaps you require trade finance to expand your business interests. As a businessman you may have to open Letters Of Credit and require finance to cover these. Your company(s) could be considering diversification and would like to Mortgage Land & Building in their possession to cover these. Perhaps all you require is Trust Receipt, Overdraft, Cheque Discounting or Packing Credit.

  • Commercial Loans - short and medium term
  • Local Bills Discounting
  • Guarantees - Tender or Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance Payment & Labour Guarantees

Benefit from our various asset based lending and financing solutions designed to address your
specific needs.

HBZ provides a range of trade finance services to help its customers finance their growth. To discuss your trade finance needs, contact your relationship manager who will work with you to find the best solution. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure we offer the most flexible trade finance options, structured to suit your particular needs.

Trade Finance services include:

  • Import
    • Letter of Credits (L/C)
    • Availisation
    • Guarantees
    • Import Collections
    • Trust Receipt Financing
  • Export
    • LC Advising & Confirmation
    • Documentary Collections
    • Export Finance

HBZ's international network and extensive correspondent banking relationships can help your business expand across the globe. Our dedicated Group Financial Institutions department can assist you with a myriad of services from Payments Processing to Syndications.

Visit a branch or contact your relationship manager

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