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In 1994, HBZ began its technology innovation journey led by Reza S. Habib. The objective was to replace multiple localised systems and integrate diverse retail and commercial banking operations, whilst complying with the multi-regulatory environment the bank operates in.

Based on a tiny virtual machine and a Sybase database, the team developed a unique language and banking application called hPLUS™. This powerful concept allowed the bank to scale its applications on thin clients at a very early stage. Six months after that, hPLUS™ adopted JAVA™ and became the world's first integrated JAVA™ banking system. The hPLUS™ team believed that interoperability would become the single most important aspect of the architecture.

The solution utilises a single secure global log-in that provides an extensive web and mobile offering to corporations, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and consumers. This, coupled with its event-based SMS messaging system, created a new push/pull business management methodology far ahead of the curve. The motto of "Service with Security" is well demonstrated by its application's unique Web security login CRAM system, which was ported to run on cell phones, another first.

With the Sybase database as the only commercially-licensed component, hPLUS™ is an efficient enterprise solution for the banking vertical. Most importantly, by using JAVA™ and Open-source technologies, the solution has taken an institution with a 90-year banking tradition and catapulted it into the 21st century in terms of performance and cost effectiveness. HBZ's hPLUS™ technology has allowed it to achieve a high degree of Straight Through Processing which has translated into increased operational efficiencies in the back-office whilst also seamlessly delivering banking services to its clients.

Over the course of its life, hPLUS™ has won successive performance and service awards - while simplifying IT and overall management of operations. (Awards/Case studies available in sidebar)

"This bold new approach to transaction processing cured the most fundamental issues plaguing legacy systems, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency to unprecedented levels."
Reza S. Habib, Joint-President.



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