Habib Bank AG Zurich        


In compliance with the Open Banking regulation, Habib Bank Zurich Plc has developed a dedicated Application programming Interface (API).

The purpose of the API is to allow Third Party Providers (TPPs) to initiate payments and request account information from Habib Bank Zurich Plc’s customers, subject to the account holder’s explicit consent.

Accessing the API by Third Party providers (TPP)

In order to access the API, TPPs must have a valid eIDAS QSEAL or OBSEAL Certificate.

Please use the following link to access API documentation in order to proceed with the TPP enrollment, integration and on boarding.

We are in the process of moving our dedicated interface to the Open Banking standard. In due course the bank will cease and decommission endpoints and APIs currently integrated via our current standard.

New API: Please click here to access the Habib Bank Zurich plc testing environment (Sandbox). (Open Banking Standard)

Old API: Please click here to access the Habib Bank Zurich plc existing dedicated interface. (Berling Group Standard which shall be decommissioned in due course)

Please click here to view the Uptime Statistics of our Open Banking channel.