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 HBZ e-Statement service makes it easy to to access your financial records.    Through this
 free service, you can receive your statement of bank account/advices/credit card statement
 etc. at your registered email address in a secure, convenient and environmentally friendly

 To benefit  from  this  service,   simply update your email with the Bank or click here to
 fill the form  and  submit to your Branch.   Our HBZweb Banking  functionality also offers
 customised SMS  alerts on  debits and credits  to ensure you have  regular  update  on the
 account activity.   Please choose the options as per your convenience.

 There are 3 ways by which you can easily register for this service:
   1) Log into your HBZweb banking account and send us a secure email or
   2) Fax at +971 4 333 8235 or
   3) Submit original request to any of our Branches

 The postal  delivery of  paper  statements  or  advices etc. charges will get revised with
 effect  from  1st July 2018.     Please refer to the  Schedule of Charges  governing  your