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	Dear Client,

	In October 2014,  over 100 countries endorsed the Standard for Automatic Exchange
	of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters,   hereinafter referred to as the
	Common  Reporting  Standard (the "CRS") to  promote  tax  transparency  and fight
	against tax evasion.
	The  CRS  was  developed  by  the  Organisation  for  Economic  Co-Operation  and
	Development (the "OECD"),  the G20 countries and the European Union.  The Central
	Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the UAE have adopted the CRS  framework which
	requires  financial  institutions  in the UAE to automatically  report  financial
	information on accounts held by non-resident  individuals as well as non-resident
	Controlling Persons of Passive Non-Financial  Entities to the Central Bank of the
	UAE which in turn  will  exchange  financial  account  information,  on an annual
	basis,  with the  tax authorities of the  jurisdiction  where the account holder/
	Controlling Person is tax resident (CRS Reportable Jurisdiction).

	The first  exchange of information  required  in the  UAE will be made in 2018 in
	relation to calendar year 2017. As a consequence, financial institutions situated
	in the UAE are required to identify the tax residence of their clients.  For each
	client  and  Controlling  Person  identified  as  "reportable",    the  financial 
	institution is required to report information such as:

	- Clients/Controlling Persons identification information including name, address,
	  tax residence, date and place of birth, tax identification number; and
	- General financial account information  including all types of investment income
	  (total gross amount of interest,  dividends  or  other similar income and gross
	  proceeds from the sale or redemption of financial assets).

	Habib Bank AG Zurich,  UAE is firmly  committed to  implementing this  new global
	standard on tax transparency.

	We take this  opportunity  to  provide you the  attached  Self-Certification Form
	for both  Personal (Individual)  and  Business (Entity), covering the data fields
	necessary under the CRS.   We kindly ask you to complete, sign and return this
	form to us.

	It is important to note that if we do not receive a valid Self-Certification Form
	from  you  we may  need  to treat  your account as  reportable  (a "reportable"
	account means an account subject to  automatic exchange  of information under the
	CRS) to your country of residence based on information already available on file.
	Please be advised  that the  Bank will report account related  information to the
	Central  Bank  of the  UAE only  in  circumstances  where it is required to do so
	pursuant  to  and  in  accordance  with  the  relevant CRS regulations.  For more
	information please visit UAE Ministry of Finance website: 
	  URL: https://www.mof.gov.ae/En/strategicPartnership/Pages/FATCAandCRS.aspx

	Where  necessary,  we may  contact  you to  request  additional  information  and
	documentation to confirm your tax residence status.

	If you have any questions  about how to complete the attached  Self-Certification
	Form, please contact your tax advisor. 
	Yours truly,

	Habib Bank AG Zurich, U.A.E.